January 16, 2012

Color Me ... Sensational

Color is such an important part of fashion and style.

We're constantly being bombarded with suggestions about this season's 'IT' color(s), the importance of adding pop colors, neutral palettes, neon palettes, are you a 'warm' or 'cool' person ... the list goes on.

But besides helping you stay on trend and looking your best, the right colors can help you feel your best too.

Here's a few tid-bits on what some colors mean and what they do for us and those around us ... Something to think about when you get dressed in the morning!

Red -

Known to increase enthusiasm. And blood pressure and heart-rate as well! Red signify's many things, depending on context. Red represents anything from love and romance, to warnings and danger (or perhaps those are the same thing??).

People who wear or use red often are seen as confident individuals.


Orange -

It radiates warmth and promotes energy and encourages socialization. It also helps stimulate the appetite and as the late Frank Sinatra put it, "Orange is the happiest color."


Yellow -

It's all about optimism, enlightenment and positivity with this bright hue. Yellow supports creativity and helps activate memory, as well as encourages communication.


Green -

Tranquil and refreshing, this is the color of peace and ecology. Green is soothing and mentally relaxing, helping to alleviate depression and anxiety. Feeling down? Green offers a sense of renewal and harmony.


Blue -

Such a versatile favorite, blue can be many things. Over all calming, blue aids intuition. Electric blues are dramatic and exhilarating while deep indigo hues represent mystery and wisdom, as well as spiritual realization.


Purple -

A color that is at once uplifting while calming the mind and nerves, Purple is a truly unique tone. It's a spiritually inspirational color that encourages creativity.

It's a color often worn by the more creative and eccentric and has been known to represent regality.


With these color tips, dressing for your next interview or deciding on the next color scheme for your bedroom should be a cinch!

Check out more colors and in-depth meanings from our friends at Sensational Color!

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