December 15, 2014

Traveling for the Holidays style! [Airport Style]

Going home for the holidays?
Us too, and just because you might be sitting on a plane for a few hours, doesn't mean you can't look chic. Here are a few styling tips to take note of for holiday travel.

We love to layer! It gets cold on long flights, so we pair our long sleeve i633 with our awesome wrap cardi i667 and a heavy jacket for those flying somewhere extra chilly i521!

Don't forget, you have to take your shoes off, so we opt for some easy slip on booties. Oh, and if you can't pull off messy model-off-duty hair, you can throw on a floppy fedora to hide your sleepy locks.


Flying south for the winter?
We wish! But for those lucky enough to escape the winter chill, and opt for a tropical vacation we suggest: Light layering.

We love looking ultra chic, when we waltz off the plane onto foreign sand. So we suggest layering in our : i626 slightly tucked into i272 with an easy lightweight cardi on top of it all i650 charcoal. Don't forget your ultra high (but easy to take off) wedges, sun hat, and sunnies.

To avoid looking un-refreshed for your tropic vaycay, spritz yourself with some Evian mist. It'll give you that dewy look we all want!

December 2, 2014

Style Picks

The Miilla staff members took over our blog this week to showcase their favorites pieces with easy styling tips! 

i205 - Pleated Sheer with Bubble Hem Jacket

Laura Caudill / Sales Person, miilla

I will choose a throw back style that I absolutely LOVE!
I love anything with zippers, and the more zippers the better! 
The sleeves on this shirt make your arms look skinny. I love it in all three colors. Off white, rose and black! 

I would wear them with these awesome Paige Zipper JEANS. I would do a mint colored bag with all three shirt colors as well. To top it off, I would do a pair of classic black pumps. You can make it sexier by putting on a pretty bra and unzipping it to show a little cleavage haha!
I would wear this out to dinner/drinks with the girls or even on a hot date!
It's dressy enough for most restaurants but would also be appropriate for casual spots as well. It's pretty versatile!

i207 - Round Neck Crochet Knit Top with Oversized Sleeves

Valerie Ohl / Sales Person, miilla

i207 is comfortable and an easy throw on piece. I like that the silhouette is very different/funky. 
I wear this casually: like out shopping, to lunch with friends, etc. Great Fall piece!
I wear i207 with a tank underneath paired with black leather pants, chunky black buckle heels, floppy black hat, hobo bag and lots of rings.


Valerie Ohl / Sales Person, miilla

i297 is a great twist on a basic.
It looks like a plain Henley but the silk fabric makes it sexy and feminine. It can also be conservative depending how you style it. I wear this piece all the time: mainly out on the weekend to bars, dinners,dates etc.
I wear i297 sheer with just a black bandeau underneath, black skinny jeans, and over-the-knee black high heel boots, statement clutch and lots of delicate bracelets and rings to accessorize.

i657 - Motto Vest Cardigan

Victor Armendariz / Sales Person, miilla

I like to wear this style when I go out in Downtown LA. 
I wear this style: Belted (Matte Black Leather Belt), with a soft Black crew-neck long-sleeve T, my favorite Leather pants, some cool shoes, and simple jewelry. 
If its chilly outside, I layer this piece on-top of my go-to Lamb Leather Jacket, and belt all of it together.

November 12, 2014

Oversized Knit Sweater

Oversized knit sweater is the way to go when wanting a cute, comfy, chic look.
Not only are they an essential piece for the Fall, it can be paired with a variety of tights, leggings, or jeans.
It's the perfect addition to your closet, and will last you a lifetime.